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1/6 constellation body wear fullset - Manny

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Main fabric: rainbow satin fabric, American high-density mesh, jacquard fabric, etc.
Accessories: imported lace, real ribbon, shell beads, silk flowers, etc


1/6 girl baby - Xiao Rong




Half skirt*1
Dress *1
Skirt support*1
Pill box cap*1
A total of 6/sets

Match Size

pillbox cap
AS 1/6 constellation body can be worn; other brand dolls, please refer to the relevant parameters of this clothing, the data is smaller than this set of clothing or close to the body data can be worn.


This dress is designed in the style of Rococo style, and the fabric is made of glossy satin material and printed mesh with sequin embroidery. It highlights the luxury of Rococo style. The shape is matched with a travel medicine box cap, and accessories such as silk flowers and pearls are used for decoration. The skirt has a jacquard stitching on the chest and is embellished with diamonds. The hem is hand beaded to add a touch of glamour to the dress. In order to make the whole skirt fluff up, we also made a fish skeleton skirt, which is small and easy to wear. Putting it on can make the skirt like a moving garden, practical and beautiful.
Please be as gentle as possible when taking items out of the bag to avoid damage caused by some human factors.
This product is not used by real people and is only limited to bjd dolls.

pillbox cap
Size width height
AS 1/6 BB body
1/6 constellation body
9.5cm 2cm
short skirt
Size waist line skirt length
AS 1/6 BB body
1/6 constellation body
12cm 22cm
One piece
Size chest line waist line  skirt length
AS 1/6 BB body
1/6 constellation body
13.5cm 13cm 23cm
Size waist line clothes length
AS 1/6 BB body
1/6 constellation body
11.5-13.5cm 20cm

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