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1/3 de-etiolation

This service is for yellowing removing of old doll body.

  • NO:OT3006
  • Item:OT3006
  • Price: $30.00




NO . OT3006

1、Please be careful before you order, the color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product because of different computer displayer.




Non-member customers Said: 09-11-26 05:42
Hello, how exactly does this service work? Could I send a very yellowed Limhwa Half Elf head to you and you'd try to remove the yellowing? And how much shipping would it cost to send the Limhwa head back from you to me (I live in Germany) Thank you, Nina
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-11-26 09:17
Hello^^The details will b sent to your email,please check^^
Non-member customers Said: 09-09-30 21:03
are the dolls on the official pictures with or without de-etiolation?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-10-01 09:37
Hello,the new doll don't need de-etiolation^^
granka_a Said: 11-07-17 08:56
Hello, Is this service the same as sanding? (removing the seam lines) Do your 1/3 dolls have this included or does it have to be purchased separately? Thanks and regards, Marzena
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-07-18 08:45
Hi~dear~n__n~this service is fro the doll with aged and yellowed surface~n__n~with it, we will remove the yellow stains on the doll's body~

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