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1/3 Change to transparent milk skintone

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lilighost Said: 14-08-18 08:25
Hi is there another working link to get translucent butter skin change? I keep getting a notice saying that they couldn't find the page.
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 14-08-18 09:24
Hi, dear, yes, translucent butter skin tone is off store shelves now, but you can order this skin tone in english website,you can order a translucent milk and just make a notice you want translucent butter when you submit your order ^_____^ then we will know the skintone you want ~ any problems just let us know~~Have a good day~
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-11-17 00:23
Hi! Could you tell me what skintone each of four dolls in the lowest picture is?
管理员[admin]  Reply: 10-11-17 14:43
hello.^^ As you count from the left side,the first one is sun-tanned. the second is butter,the third is pink,and the fourth is white.^^ all of them are translucent skin.^^
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-11-08 03:29
Hi! I would like to order a 1/3 doll and I would like to change his skintone to translucent butter. I didn't find '1/3 change to translucent butter' option. Is it possible then? If yes, where should I leave a note with the order? Thanks! o3o
管理员[admin]  Reply: 10-11-09 10:01
Hello,dear^^ Here is the link of the option: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1630.html pls check.^^

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