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1/4 Female body upgrade to senior body

  • NO:OT4007
  • Item:OT4007
  • Price: $60.00

Non-member customers Said: 10-03-27 23:53
If i bought Leira Milk and wanted to make her have a 1/3 body is this what i would use?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-29 16:48
Hello! Leira is 1/4 dollie, so 1/3 body is a little big for her^_^ Thanks for asking 8D
zorua Said: 13-04-09 21:42
Hi! 如果我想要upgrade我的Vera的身体,把身体送过去给Angell Studio 后 请问如果你会把她的整个身体换掉还是你们只会把她的关节换掉? Please and thanks!
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 13-04-10 09:41
您好,亲~我们不提供关节升级的服务,或许您可以换个新身体~n__n~您可以加我的QQ 1658120839细聊~~谢谢您对我们的关注~

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