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Gus milk-pink boy version

Official Collocation-normal Body

  • Price: $340.00
Make-up Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$30.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$70.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.


Detailed Data

Neck Circumference7.5
Shoulder Width9.6
Sole Width2.4
Sole Length5.8
Leg Length30.2
Arm Length17
Thigh Circumference10.2
Calf Circumference8
Non-member customers Said: 09-12-21 03:18
Hello! ^^ I was wondering if it was possible to order Gus with the 1/4 Senior Body? Thank you for replying!
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-12-22 10:05
Of course u can order senior body.:) You just need to add http://www.angell-studio.com/en/?product-819.html into order.^^ Best wishes!
kittykatmage Said: 09-11-25 02:44
Is it possible to get a UV finish on the doll? And if so, how much would it be? Is the optional wig the one pictured?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-11-25 10:25
Hello,the details is sent to your email,please check^^
mity Said: 09-09-14 22:31
Hi, I just want to know that how tall of Gus milk and also size detail like head&body? and how many skin tone he has?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-09-14 23:06
Hello,I send the details to your email:basic_an1@hotmail.com,plz check^^
Non-member customers Said: 09-08-27 00:55
Can't I buy the doll with eyes? Or do I have to buy it separately if I want this one? I also like to ask if I need to put the eyes in myself.
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-08-27 08:47
Hello,I send the details to your email:melice_the_vamp@hotmail.com ,plz check^^

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kittykatmageSaid: 09-12-06 02:28
Can you please tell me the approximate shipping cost to Missouri, USA? I need to know before committing to buy.
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-12-06 02:34
Hello^^ It's about 47USD. During our christmas event period,if u order more than 500USD,the shipping fee will e free.^^
tochibiSaid: 11-03-08 19:32
Can you please tell me the shipping Cost to Germany and can you tell me how ist is with the Zoll?
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-03-09 13:41
Hello,dear friend,the shipping cost for Gus(official fullset) to Germany is47.00USD.the final shipping cost is depend on your final orders' weight. ^__^ Any more questions.welcome to contact with us through: angell-studio@hotmail.com or angell-studio-en@hotmail.com thank you. ^__^

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