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Leira Milk

The price is only for head and body,not including wigs,eyes,clothes,shoes and make-up.Official Collocation-normal Body

  • Price: $340.00
Make-up Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$30.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$70.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Additional Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$2.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$2.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.


Detailed Data

Neck Circumference7
Shoulder Width8.6
Sole Width2.3
Sole Length5.5
Leg Length19.6
Arm Length17
Thigh Circumference10.3
Calf Circumference8.1
Non-member customers Said: 10-04-04 19:18
(Sorry for my english, I'm russian) I can't find this wig on the site and on this page to buy it. If I'll buy this doll, I just need this amazing wig ** where is it?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-04-06 17:51
We have put the wig on our web again, since it just re-stock^^ Now, you can choose them through our web directly if u want to buy the doll^^ Thanks for asking
Non-member customers Said: 10-03-23 05:07
I was wondering would you bebal to buy her wig in the full set ??
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-23 13:50
hello,^_^we accept paypal to pay for this,if you still have other questions welcome to aske me~~^_^
Non-member customers Said: 10-03-18 05:18
i am wanting to buy Leira from you but i live in the UK Do you have dealers in the UK and could i pay with pay pal
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-18 11:14
The details is sent to your email,please check.
Non-member customers Said: 10-01-25 05:34
hi there, i just brought some items from you afew days ago and i recieved a calander from you. at the bottem of this month it says if you buy a doll you recieve a free face up. does this apply to Leira Milk and if so would it be the same as the pictures? also how much is shipping to england? thank you for your time. thank you regards leia
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-01-25 11:14
Hello^^ The details is sent to your email,please check.

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kson126Said: 09-06-25 20:31
If I buy Leira and I want to change her skin tone to butter so the body and head (face-up A) will be match in the same skin tone? And how about the rate in shipping to Thailand?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-06-25 20:47
Hello,I send the details to your email:songs126@hotmail.com ^^
himoriSaid: 09-05-12 02:32
Thank you so much, i really love her and so im probably going to buy her around my birthday time. ^-^
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-05-12 08:50
Ok,the special offer of free face-uo A will last to June.^^Whenever u want to order,plz contact with angell-studio-en@hotmail.com.^^
himoriSaid: 09-05-11 21:14
HI, i was thinking about buying Leira but i was wondering if you want senior/ immature body how do you chose and when do you think you will restock in face ups? :D (what face up is she modled in?)
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-05-11 22:46
Hello,thank u for loving our dolls.^^The senior body is Double jointed,and the normal body is Single-jointed,senior body is more active.^^The face-up in the Leira's pics is face-up A.and now we have a special offer ,that if u buy a doll with wigs and eyes,u will get a free face-up A as gifts,so it can cut down your cost.^^Btw,because the function of options are not incomplete,so u can make order via email:angell-studio-en@hotmail.com.
aelixSaid: 13-11-27 04:05
Hello! What body type does Leira have now?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 13-11-27 09:21
Hi,dear~ here is 1/4 female body that Leira will have: http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-1837.html Have a good day~~

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