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Nude head of YanDi

Nude head with no eyes

  • NO:BH12021
  • Weight:150.000 (g)
  • Item:BH1202101
  • Materials: French Resin
  • Price: $120.00
Item Price Stock Number
translucent milk01 BH1202101 $120.00 500
translucent pink02 BH1202102 $120.00 500
solid white 04 BH1202104 $120.00 500
solid pink 05 BH1202105 $120.00 500
solid butter 06 BH1202106 $120.00 496
sun-tanned 07 BH1202107 $120.00 500
solid grey 00 BH1202100 $120.00 500
Normal pink 09 BH1202109 $120.00 500


NO. BH12021

Additional  instructions:1.There may be slight color differences between the pictures and the item, AS Doll has tried the best to reduce these differences, and we’re looking forward to your understanding on the differences caused by the different display devices. And to avoid unnecessary troubles, the severe completist will be out of our consideration.



tsetsuke Said: 14-10-26 02:33
Another question. .-. What is the Head circumference?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 14-10-27 10:01
Hello, dear friend, the head circumference of him is 22cm :) Have a good day ~n___n~
tsetsuke Said: 14-10-25 22:56
Oh, sorry for such a stupid question. I do not paying attention to the name.
tsetsuke Said: 14-10-25 22:17
Hello. Could you tell when ordering Included in set go the eye or need to order them separately? Thanks in advance for your reply. (Sorry for bad english)
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 14-10-25 23:42
Hi, dear friend, your english is very good, and you need to order them separately ^___^ Have a good day!~

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