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  • Price: $340.00-$380.00
Accessories,Offer price:$23.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Make up Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$30.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$70.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Skintone choice: Item Price Stock Number
translucent milk01 DL4100601 $340.00 499
translucent pink02 DL4100602 $340.00 489
translucent butter03 DL4100603 $340.00 100
solid white 04 DL4100604 $340.00 500
solid pink 05 DL4100605 $340.00 498
solid butter 06 DL4100606 $340.00 498
sun-tanned 07 DL4100607 $380.00 500

Detailed Data

code4 Said: 15-11-06 10:02
Does Amy come with an outfit? Also, do you ship to the USA? Thank you for your time.
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 15-11-11 09:45
Hi dear ,Amy's outfit was discontinued ,and you can order the naked doll~and yes we ship to the USA
rene2605 Said: 13-09-17 17:23
Hello! Do you provide the shipping to Russia (Moscow)? How much does it cost?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 13-09-18 08:55
Hi,m'dear~ yes, we can ship package to Russia, and there are two methods you can choose, one is EMS,which is expensive but have a high shipping speed; another one is airmail, which is cheap(weight below 500g) but take longer time for shipping ~>_<~ if you ordre a Amy, it will cost you 80USD for shipping charge via EMS, airmail is almost the same charge. As EMS calculate its shipping charge by the package's volume, so we suggest you to pick up more accessories to balance the shipping charge~ Maybe you can ask your friends to choose some little animals or what to balance the shipping charge~~ Have a good day~
rene2605  Reply: 13-09-18 16:07
rene2605  Reply: 13-09-18 20:04
thank you!
agnes Said: 13-03-01 14:45
What is the skin tone of Amy in the pictures?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 13-03-02 11:39
Hi,dear~n__n~it's transparent pink~Have a good day~
raccoon906 Said: 12-11-20 08:55
Hi, sorry to sound a little dumb, but I don't see a face-up option. do all dolls come with face-up as default?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 12-11-20 11:20
Hi~dear~face-up is not default~Could you tell us which one you want,we can give the link to you~Have a good day~n__n~o
raccoon906  Reply: 12-11-20 21:35
Thank you for the reply :) I would like to buy this doll in suntan skintone, so I would want the face-up to show nicely on that colour. Do you have a face-up that is good for suntan skin?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 12-11-22 14:07
Hi~dear~official face-up is also beautiful~maybe you can choose the official one to her~Have a good day~

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opanoSaid: 11-09-17 16:08
Здравствуйте!Хотелось бы узнать во сколько обойдётся кукла с париком,одеждой,обувью,глазами и мейком(полным) с пересылкой до Светогорска (Выборгский р-он)? ==" ЕМС пересылкой
caramel_kaSaid: 11-07-18 00:51
Hi!How much it will be to send this doll with make-up(30$),her wig,clothes,shoes,eyes by EMC to Berlin?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-07-18 08:26
Hi~dear~n___n~it will reach 40USD via EMS~

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