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Kimi 【Limted】

  • NO:DL63014
  • Weight:2000.000 (g)
  • Item:DL63014ZX1
  • Joint: Senior Body
  • Price: $240.00
Accessories,Offer price:$16.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Make up Service:
Accessories,Offer price:$24.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.
Accessories,Offer price:$60.00 Qty: You can be purchased separately for this goods.




Detailed Data

Neck Circumference5.8
Shoulder Width7.1
Upper Arm Circumference 4.8
waist circumference3.75
Sole Width1.82
Sole Length3.9
Leg Length11
Arm Length7.8
Thigh Circumference8
Calf Circumference6
statuess Said: 11-06-27 16:38
Hi~! Is there any chance of ordering Kimi in a different resin colour either now or at a later date? :) Thanks!
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-06-27 18:05
Hi~dear fro Kimi~T______T~we just got several sets left for sale~he will be sold out soon~i am sorry about it , and what do you mean by a different resin color, do you want a different skintone?~
statuess  Reply: 11-06-27 20:12
Yes, a different skintone. :)
minstrel Said: 11-03-07 20:37
hello, I come from Hong Kong and want to buy this doll. I saw the china site is sold out. But this site have this doll. Can I pay with hongkong dollars with this doll? I have ask the China site's stuff but no one reply me T.T I love this doll very much, and I will sad because I can't buy it. Thankyou for your help. ^^
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-03-08 09:07
Hello,dear friend.thanks so much for your love.^__^ but we are sorry to tell you that our site only accept US dollars as we are mainly open for English District.Any more questions,welcome to contact with us.^_^
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-02-07 03:42
I was wondering if there would be an option to buy other hands for Kimi? I like the pointy hands, but wouldn't mind other options too. thank you! He's very cute! X3
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-02-18 16:16
Hello,dear friend. Yes,you can order him in other hands,just leave message to your orders,we'll contact with you for more details after you placed orders on our website. ^.^
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-01-27 06:44
What skin tone is he? Looks like a soft blue or is it grey.
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-02-16 19:23
Hello,dear ,^^the skintone of Kimi is grey. ^^ The color misunderstanding may be caused by the monitor. =)

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supernovaSaid: 15-03-05 17:35
I ordered Kimi with his default face-up and he is perfect! The face-up is very well done and just like the pictures. He poses very well and is sturdy when standing. He can stand on one leg and do a variety of posing. The packaging he came in was really nice and included a white silky carry case with straps to keep him secure! Best packaging I have had for a doll so far! Customers service was fantastic and I received a photo of his face-up before they sent him to me. Very pleased with him! :)
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 15-03-06 09:17
wow, thanks so much for your review ~we feel so happy you like our service !~ Have a good day!~

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