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1/3 Male Dress Mannequins

  • NO:TL3039A
  • Weight:175.000 (g)
  • Item:TL3039A
  • Stock Status: In the stocks
  • Price: $16.00

Measurements of the Dress Mannequins :

Total  High:70+ 69cm  1/3:57cm  1/4:36.5cm   1/6:23cm

70+ :  Head circumference:11cm    Shoulder:13.5cm    Waistline:21cm    Hipline:28 cm   Height of the upper side :31cm

1/3 male: head circumference:10.5cm  Shoulder:12.5cm    Waistline:20cm   Hipline:25.5 cm Height of the upper side:25cm

1/3 female: head circumference:9cm      Shoulder:11.5cm   chest circumference:22cm   Waistline:15.5cm  Hipline:25cm
Height of the upper side:24cm

1/4 : head circumference:7 cm   Shoulder:7cm   Waistline:13.5cm    Hipline:18.5cm   Height of the upper side :17cm

1/6: head circumference:6 cm   Shoulder:6.5cm    Waistline:12cm    Hipline:14.5cm    Height of the upper side :12.5cm

Color: yellow/black
Base: matt unbreakable resin
Fixed Link: stainless steel
Mannequins material: high density polystyrene + outside with Velour fabric (can be pierced by a pin to DIY dress^^)
Application: DIY dress, Window Display, Fashion Collection and protection

rosettehiruka Said: 13-09-29 14:01
So buying one is 15 dollars or is it a set?
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 13-10-05 09:52
Hi,m'dear~ it's just for one~n__n~ have a good weekend!~

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