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70+ MIX-black head

Nude head with no eyes

  • NO:BH12007
  • Item:BH1200704
  • Brand:AS
  • Weight(g): 130
  • Materials: French Resin
  • Head Circumference(CM): 22
  • Applicable Neck Circumference(CM): 2.5-3.1
  • Stock Status: In the stocks
  • Price: $120.00
-Skintone choice- Item Price Stock Number
solid white 04 BH1200704 $120.00 500
solid pink 05 BH1200705 $120.00 500
solid butter 06 BH1200706 $120.00 499


yero Said: 11-11-05 22:49
Is there a difference between the 70+ heads and a 1/3 like Lucifer? It says 22 cm circumference on both. And would it look awkward to put this head on a 1/3 body? Thanks in advance :)
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 11-11-07 08:49
Hi~dear~n__n~O it is possible to fix a 70+ head onto a 1/3 body~with the little adjustment on the neck~n__n~O they will be in the acceptable proportion~^^~
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-02-04 01:07
Hello! I really love this head, but can you tell me it's measurement like how ''long'' it is from chin to top of head? : )
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-09-08 01:36
Hello! Could you please tell me there is possibility to order Mix Black Head with full-set face-up? It will be great if you could tell me how much it will be cost. Thank you so much for your reply!
管理员[老余]  Reply: 10-09-08 09:49
Hello,^^ We've sent details to your mailbox,pls check,thank you.
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-09-08 01:23
can I order a face up for this head? Thank you =)
管理员[老余]  Reply: 10-09-08 09:40
Hello, yes, you can.Pls tell us what kind of face-up would you like us to do. thank you.

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