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1/3 Change to sun-tanned skintone(per unit)

  • NO:OT3001
  • Item:OT3001
  • Brand:AS
  • Price: $40.00

Non-Member Customer Said: 11-01-22 11:50
Is the AS sun-tanned resin tone by any chance, close to that of the volks sunlight resin tone? Because it seemed to be somewhat close, from what the pictures show. But i just want to confirm! :)
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-01-24 09:44
Hello,^^ Our sun-tanned skintone are lighter than Volks sunlight resin tone.^^
Non-Member Customer Said: 11-01-11 11:10
Hello, I have a question about the last comparison picture shown here. Is the order of skin color (from left to right) Sun-tanned, butter, light pink, snow white? Or am I mistaken?
Non-Member Customer  Reply: 11-01-11 11:38
Yes, but what I meant was that I want to know the order of the skin tones of the four dolls in the last picture.
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-01-11 15:56
The four dolls' skintones are: sun-tanned, translucent butter, translucent pink and translucent snow white. ^_^

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