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1/4 mandarava head

Nude head with no eyes

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Non-member customers Said: 09-11-25 09:22
is there a way i could get this head but i face-up from the 1/3 pink cinderella? thank you^^
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 09-11-25 09:24
Surely can^^
sidrancid Said: 10-09-03 01:01
Hello, I need to know if this item are in stock. If not, I wonder when it will be available. Thank you for all.
管理员[老余]  Reply: 10-09-03 13:40
Hello,^^ Sorry,our Mandarava has sold out for a long time. We won't restock.
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-08-30 09:19
I need to know if this item is in stock or not. Thank you.
管理员[老余]  Reply: 10-08-30 09:27
Hello,dear~^^ Sorry,Our Mandarava has been sold out for a long time~
Non-Member Customer Said: 10-07-14 13:15
will you release mandarava (head or full with body) in the future? thank's
管理员[SuperAngels]  Reply: 10-07-14 14:06
Hello, tks for your question^^ Generally speaking, we do not release dolls which have been sold out again. =^-^=

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