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1/3 jointed hand (Only for boy)

  • NO:BH33004
  • Weight:35.000 (g)
  • Item:BH3300401
  • Brand:AS
  • Applicable body: 1/3Doll
  • Price: $100.00-$102.00
-Skintone choice- Item Price Stock Number
translucent milk01 BH3300401 $100.00 499
translucent pink02 BH3300402 $100.00 499
solid white 04 BH3300404 $100.00 498
solid pink 05 BH3300405 $100.00 496
solid butter 06 BH3300406 $100.00 493
sun-tanned 07 BH3300407 $102.00 500
solid grey 00 BH3300400 $102.00 500
Normal pink 09 BH3300409 $100.00 497






NO . BH33004                                                    

◇ 1/3 jointed hand ◇
     Wrist girth: 5.2cm          Arm length:8.0cm              Width of Palm:2.8cm


Additional  instructions:1.There may be slight color differences between the pictures and the item, AS Doll has tried the best to reduce these differences, and we’re looking forward to your understanding on the differences caused by the different display devices. And to avoid unnecessary troubles, the severe completist will be out of our consideration.


Non-member customers Said: 10-04-19 20:59
hello. which skin type must i choose for Luts normal skintone? butter, pink or white? http://www.eluts.com/frontstore/Item/item_zoom.asp?item_num=2189&catalog_num=71&mart_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=121
管理员[admin123]  Reply: 10-04-22 23:33
Hey, I have sent a mail to you, pls check^o^ Tks for your questions=^-^=
Non-member customers Said: 10-03-24 00:43
Hello I really love these hands, but I need to have some questions answerd :) Q1. I dont know how to put them on the body?? or how to put a head on the body btw..?? Q2. Could these hands fit a Dreams of Doll Teenager(the new one) body ore is it only your dolls who can?? I hope to solve my problems :) Love Sarah
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-25 21:10
Dear Sarah, i've already sent you an e-mail about the details,pls check~^_^
Non-member customers Said: 10-03-23 01:56
Does this fit a crobi-doll in size around 63 cm?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-25 23:35
Hi,this hands only fit Crobi-doll in size 63cm of butter skin.^^
Non-member customers Said: 10-03-07 16:51
hi! is this suitable for ur 1/4 dolls? i really nid this! =(
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-10 14:41
Hello^^ The 1/3 jointed hands are too big for 1/4 doll.:)

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assrSaid: 10-02-26 12:43
Beautiful hands! But which colour of these hands is closer to natural?
管理员[xiaoshou]  Reply: 10-03-03 16:14
Hello^^ The butter is close to natural
yaerinSaid: 15-04-06 04:02
Hello guys! I wanted to ask if these hands fit for Luts Senior Delf and wich color fits the best! Thank you!
管理员[superangels]  Reply: 15-04-06 13:31
Hello, dear, sorry but we don't have Luts hand here, you can check the details here :Wrist girth: 5.2cm Arm length:8.0cm Width of Palm:2.8cm if Luts Senior Delf's joint is within this data, then it's ok ~n__n~
nigel_chia88Said: 11-03-01 13:10
hi, do you have this hands in stock? if it need to be manufacture, how long will it take?
管理员[admin]  Reply: 11-03-02 10:31
Hello,dear friend. Jointed Hands(all resin items) need to be produced by our factory,it take us about one to two weeks to produce a pair of joint hands. ^_^
gracechenSaid: 10-07-25 09:39
hello, I really like this doll's face (Andrea)in the picture. I was surprised that he was a male. Is there anyway that I could put this model face on a 62 body, with face-up ready. How do I make this happen? thanks!
管理员[老余]  Reply: 10-07-28 14:46
Hello, tks for your messages.^^ We have sent you a mail, pls check^o^

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