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1/3 Body:change to sun-tanned skintone(per unit)

  • No:OT3010
  • Weight:0.000 g
  • Market Price:$0.00
  • Sales Price:$30.00
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1/3 Body:change to sun-tanned skintone(per unit)的Product Advisory

cuteboy : 15-03-08 18:48
How does this work? I have 1/3 Kana her skin tone is solid butter. If I sent it to you can you change her skin sun-tanned? How much is the whole body + head?
管理员[superangels]Reply: 15-03-09 09:51
Hello, dear ~ we can't change solid butter to sun-tanned skintone~>__<~ when we make a doll, we should mix the color and choose the related color to make the doll for our customers. Once it started to make, it can't be changed ~~ Have a good day~

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