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Leira Milk

  • No:DL4000201
  • Weight:3000.000 g
  • Market Price:$0.00
  • Sales Price:$340.00
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Leira Milk的Product Advisory

Non-member customers : 09-12-25 04:40
Hey, i am wanting to buy Leira as a present for my friend, and i wanted to get her as she is in the picture, like exactly the same. Could you tell me how much that would be with shipping to england, thankyou
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-12-25 10:06
Hello,the details is sent to your email,please check.^^
deechan : 09-10-08 05:52
Hello, We have a problem. I can't pay with Paypal, becaouse your emailaddress is wrong. Please chek your email address and settings! Our nobady can't pay anything. (Deechan)
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-10-08 13:39
hello,the details is sent to your email:deechan@indamail.hu .Is the email right?
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-10-09 23:58
Hello^^ Sorry for letting u wait.lol It seems that the email can't be sent to u successfully through hotmail.:( The cost is as following: 1/4 Pinot Grigio-Yue (AS1/4) ×(1) CL4808230 80USD 1/4 Pinot Grigio-Hua Lian (AS1/4) ×(1) CL4808190 80USD 1/4 Antique embroidery bright silver buckle shoes (AS1/4) ×(1) SH41003 18USD 1/4 Antique silver flower embroidery shoes (AS1/4) ×(1) SH41002 18USD 1/4 Yue Silver white long ×(1) WG41020 26USD 1/4 Hua Lian silver white long ×(1) WG41021 26USD Eyelashes: Light Golden BJD Eyelashes ×(1) EY00003 2USD Leira Milk(Official Collocation-normal Body) 240usd +AS16MM Marvelous Purple(1) 15USD +1/4 Body-polishing A(1) 30USD +1/4 Doll A face-up(1) ×(1) 70USD 1/4 Silver Straight long ×(1) WG41017 19USD 1/4 Black queen dress (AS1/4) ×(1) CL4050510 44USD Clay For Eyes ×(1) EY00001 2USD SUM:670USD shipping fee:85USD total:755USD paypal fee:755*4.1%=31USD So the total is 755+31=786USD^^ Our paypal account is angell-studio@hotmail.com When u finish the payment,plz let me know,so I can arrange the order asap.:) Best wishes!
deechan : 09-10-04 03:40
Hello,I have a question: I live in Hungary in East Europe, How much is The Shipping fee?Thank you~ (Deechan)
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-10-07 16:47
it's about 75USD^^
Non-member customers : 09-09-28 11:23
Hello. It excuses to use a translator to communicate to me because I speak Spanish, so he will not be understood very or what I say, but want to know please how much costs the wrist with wig, eyes, maquillaje, good clothes all the Seth, way of payment or by the way there are payments in monthly instalments? how much he is total with expenses from shipment to Durango Mexico and as soon as time it arrives? Thanks. Good day
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-09-28 14:37
Hello,I send the details to your email,plz check^^
Non-member customers : 09-09-12 20:51
Thanks for your answer :) , and sorry for the name of the doll that wasn't Leira but Leila ^__^'
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-09-12 20:59
My pleasure^^ Whenever u want to order,plz let me know.:)
vouvou : 09-09-12 18:34
Hello again ^__^ Sorry but I have any answer in my mail box T_T
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-09-12 20:14
I sent it again^^ The cost of Leira is as following:normal body:240USD wigs19USD eyes 15USD face-up A:70USD body-polishing:30USD sum:374USD shipping fee to France:46USD total:420USD You can make payment through paypal,the fee is 420*4.1%=17.3USD So the total is 420+17.3=437.3USD^^ Our paypal account is angell-studio@hotmail.com
vouvou : 09-09-12 17:36
Hello, I really love this Leira Doll as she is on the picture...It's the first time I think to buy a doll and sorry for the question, but I'm interesting by the full set as on the picture (doll, wig, make-up (body and face), and eyes) but without clothes as she is wearing...So what is the price with all charges for West Europe please ? :)
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-09-12 17:54
Hello,I send the details to your email:vouvou33@hotmail.fr,pl check^^
Non-member customers : 09-07-13 00:32
I'm sorry, I'm new in this and I was wondering what's the difference between Make-up and Face-up.
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-07-13 08:28
Hello,sorry for letting u wait.lol Make-up include face-up and body-polishing(make up for body).^^
Non-member customers : 09-06-20 06:14
Hello With the Lenia fullset what does she come with? Like Wig, eyes, clothes and shoes? and how much for the fullset with all her things?
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-06-20 08:57
Hello,I will send the details to your email:the_one_ring22@yahoo.ca ^^
kereneko : 09-06-16 14:02
Hello. I was wondering if Leira was available in tan resin. Thank you. :)
管理员[xiaoshou]Reply: 09-06-16 14:10
Hello,the skintone can be chosen among butter,pink,white and sun-tanned.^^

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