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Nude head of YanDi

  • No:BH12021
  • Weight:150.000 g
  • Market Price:$0.00
  • Sales Price:$120.00
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Nude head of YanDi的Product Advisory

tsetsuke : 14-10-26 02:33
Another question. .-. What is the Head circumference?
管理员[superangels]Reply: 14-10-27 10:01
Hello, dear friend, the head circumference of him is 22cm :) Have a good day ~n___n~
tsetsuke : 14-10-25 22:56
Oh, sorry for such a stupid question. I do not paying attention to the name.
tsetsuke : 14-10-25 22:17
Hello. Could you tell when ordering Included in set go the eye or need to order them separately? Thanks in advance for your reply. (Sorry for bad english)
管理员[superangels]Reply: 14-10-25 23:42
Hi, dear friend, your english is very good, and you need to order them separately ^___^ Have a good day!~

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