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Kimo 【Limted】

  • No:DL63013
  • Weight:2000.000 g
  • Market Price:$0.00
  • Sales Price:$240.00
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Kimo 【Limted】的Product Advisory

mickeymlove : 12-05-21 11:14
Hi, do u mean that I cant purchase him anymore? Or I cant get the ears?? Because when I click buy I can still buy him.
mickeymlove : 12-05-19 15:01
Hihi I have a problem clicking on the buy or add cart. I cant click add to cart or buy >< I really want to get limo can I know what I can do?
mickeymloveReply: 12-05-19 15:08
I mean that when I add on accessories and stuff I cny click buy or add to cart. Do I have to do it seperately?
管理员[superangels]Reply: 12-05-22 09:02
O____o the boy is still available? really strange~Um, dear~would you pls send you order to angell-studio-en@hotmail.com we will check it~^^~
mickeymlove : 12-05-19 11:44
Hi I would like to know the layaway plan for him. And I would like to know if its possible to get both set of ears both kimi and kimo? The head circumference for kimo too.
管理员[superangels]Reply: 12-05-21 08:30
Hi~dear~^__^~ i am sorry but the bunnies are discontinued~^__^!
evil_kun : 12-01-30 00:32
Dear AS Which kind of hands that you will give me? And how long will Kimo be shipped (include face up)? Finally, can I order you to assemble his body for me? Thank you ^_^
管理员[superangels]Reply: 12-02-01 09:27
Hi~dear~n__n~ you may make a noptice about the BB 's hands that you want ~^^~we can make it~and the shipmeent will be made about one month later~^^~and yes, we will assembled the BB before the shipment~
lucius : 11-09-12 00:00
Hello dear Angell-Studio. Kimo is so beautiful! But I like Kimi's hanging ears. Change ears is possible? I means can I buying Kimo with Kimi's ears? ^^'
管理员[superangels]Reply: 11-09-13 08:51
HI~dear~n__n~thank you sooo much for you lovely complment fro our BB~n___n~ ok, kimo is alaway happy with kimi's ears~haha~n__n~ we can arrange it for you~pls just make a notice in your order~^^~
behaypha : 11-06-25 15:18
Sorry the link you gave me. I didn't see any offer for grey skin. Thanks
管理员[superangels]Reply: 11-06-27 15:34
Oh~dear so sorry~T______t~ i forgot the skintone change service~the price for grey skin change is equal to the suntanned one~http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-922.html so you may choose the service and make the notice on the skintone~we will arrange it for you~
behaypha : 11-06-24 22:25
Hi Is it possible to have 1/6 palm hands in grey, the same color as Kimo? How much will it cost for the extra hand? Thanks
管理员[superangels]Reply: 11-06-25 14:04
HI~dear ~(^.^)~you may just choose the services below~ http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-659.html http://angell-studio.com/en/?product-922.html we will make it for you~n____n~
eloisa : 11-05-12 04:18
how do i put this doll on layaway? how long is layaway available. thankyou please contact me soon
管理员[admin]Reply: 11-05-12 09:00
hi,dear^.^for layaway, the payment can be made by three time within 45 days, you can place your order, and the layaway agreement will sent to you later^-^
shiroiluka : 11-03-23 16:33
is this grey skintone? are another skintones available for him?
管理员[admin]Reply: 11-03-23 17:54
Yes,the skintone of Kimo is grey, sorry,our Kimo and Kimi cannot choose other skintone.
starrose : 11-02-25 18:29
Hi, when paying for Kimo do I wait for you to calculate shipping first or do I pay now then get charge shipping?
管理员[admin]Reply: 11-02-25 18:47
Hello,dear.The cost details of your order have sent to your mailbox,you just need to login your own paypal account,send us the payment.we'll inform you after wer received your payment. ^_^
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