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1/6 Purple Tulip heels

  • No:SH61007
  • Weight:0.000 g
  • Market Price:$18.00
  • Sales Price:$19.00
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1/6 Purple Tulip heels的Product Advisory

Non-Member Customer : 10-08-29 09:52
what is the inner length and width?
管理员[老余]Reply: 10-08-30 14:59
Hello,^^ the Inner length is:1.6cm the Inner width is:4.5cm
defiance99 : 10-08-29 09:09
Hi! Does this shoe work on normal feet since it has heels?
管理员[老余]Reply: 10-08-30 08:53
Hello,dear`^^ Yes,this shoes fit normal feet,too.^_^
Non-Member Customer : 10-07-14 20:36
what size s of this shoe i really want to know if it can use on my dolls foot( from fairy land)
管理员[SuperAngels]Reply: 10-07-15 11:33
Hello, tks for your questions^^ This shoes are for 1/6 size baby. Emmmm, if your dolls are 1/12 size, then the shoes will be too big to them lol

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