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Urgent Con Alarm

Date: 06-16-2011

 Con  Alarm

Hi~ dears all ~n_n~ sorry to bother but we gotta release a con alarm, our MSN account of angell-studio@hotmail.com, currently, someone is found cheating our customer into sending money to him in the name of an AS agent who is stranded in London because of the loss of his wallet through our MSN account above~ it is a case really beyond our expectation~
Dears all, pls don’t sent any money when you receive an e-mail like this

 Sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to UK for a Seminar, am presently in London I am  stranded here because I misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money, and other valuable things were kept. I will like you to assist me with a soft loan urgently with the sum of $2,500 Us Dollars to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford; I’ll pay back as soon as I return.I had no option than to send you an e-mail since I have exceeded my spending limit in the hotel and I have no money to call you. It will cost me 80 pounds to make/receive phone calls and I don't have such money right now. I can only contact you through my e-mail for now. It’s impossible for me to access my bank account from here, that why i need your help. The safest and fastest way for you to help me out is by sending the money through the Western union. So I will really appreciate whatever you can afford and I promise to pay you back as soon as I return, kindly let me know if you can be of help? So that I can send you the Details to use when sending the money through western union.
Name: Angell Studio.
Address: 10 Downing St
London SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom.

pls send me the information below
Sender Name:
Sender Address:
Total amount:

We are sorry fro the inconvenience caused~ but pls be vigilant about the cons like this and prevent yourselves from it. We do appreciate any clue for investigation~ Thank you n_n~


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